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Crayon Shin-chan The Movie 14: The Legend Called: Dance! Amigo!


NAME: Crayon Shin-chan The Movie 14: The Legend Called: Dance! Amigo!

YEAR: 2006

LANGUAGE: Japanese

QUALITY: 1080p

SIZE : 2.4GB (Max)


Plot : Futaba Kindergarten will be having their carnival soon. Instead of traditional Kasukabe dance, Miss Matsuzaka suggested that they have Samba dance for this year, but Miss Yoshinaga and Miss Ageo went against her suggestion. Anyhow, Miss Yoshinaga changed her attitude on the second day and even suggested Samba dance to the principal. On the other hand, Bo-chan told everyone about a rumor that clones are found in Kasukabe. The same rumor is heard by Shin-chan’s mom as well. While everyone doesn’t take it seriously, the clones of Nohara family members are coming out one by one. Whose conspiracy behind this phenomenon? What is the purpose of having these clones?

An urban legend that imposters are pretending to be living as the real people, spreads through Kasukabe-city where the Nohara family lives. The family encounters their imposters on a shopping trip. Jackie from an International Secret Organization, SRI, narrowly wards off the imposters, but the city is now filled with imposters. The family attempts to escape the city with Jackie, but is caught in an enemy base. At the base, imposters are mass produced, using the “Konjaclone” technology developed by an authority of biotechnology, Amigo Suzuki. The samba duel between Amigo Suzuki and Jackie commences. Jackie cannot dance to her satisfaction, and Shinnosuke encourages her to “dance as she likes” by showing his dance with his back side exposed. Jackie gains the momentum and Amigo Suzuki admits his defeat. Peace returns to Kasukabe-city.


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